MoS2, what is it about?

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A vehicle is no longer a luxury item but it’s an essential tool for our daily usage. The need to maintain and care for the vehicle is needed to prolong its service life and avoid expensive repairs. 

Currently in the autopart industry there are multiple ranges of products which will assist the maintenance of the vehicle, such as engine oils, additives and so on. However the composition of the products play an important role, due to each component having a different use for different parts of the vehicle. The range of products is pretty wide but among all, products with molybdenum (MoS2) is top at the list. 

So, what is Molybdenum (MoS2)? 

Molybdenum disulfide is a metallic compound composed of molybdenum and sulfur, which is grey in colour. MoS2 has a low coefficient of friction and is unaffected by dilute acids and oxygen due to its stable chemical properties. 

Why use MoS2 in my car? 

Many modern cars contain certain components and assemblies which require an amount of parts rubbing each other. Due to this, lubrication is very important and since the engine runs by fuel combustion, the high exposure of heat comes along with extreme friction. Therefore Motor oil with MoS2 copes well with it, due to the small particle size of MOS2. As it will fill the gap of all uneven surfaces and forms a resilient layer of lubricate film which is impenetrable by the peaks of rough surfaces. MoS2 is also known as a solid lubricant that is able to withstand up to 600°c of heat and high pressure resistant. Which many have reviewed, the performance of the engine oil with MoS2 can be felt almost instantly after it is poured into the engine. 

How do I use MoS2? 

Liqui Moly has a wide range of products having MoS2 as their main ingredient. Namely their MoS2 Engine Oil series. When it’s time for your vehicle to service, remove the oil from the engine and use Liqui Moly Engine Flush to give that extra protection, start the car and idle for about 15minutes and just pour in the Liqui MoS2 Engine Oil. However, if you wish to use any other range of engine oil from Liqui Moly but still wants the MoS2 benefit. You can always get Liqui Moly Oil Additive, application can be done when you pour the engine oil into the engine and pour in the Oil Additive after it. Or you can just head to your closest workshop to assist you on it. 

Where can I get Liqui Moly MoS2 Engine Oil or any of Liqui Moly Product? 

Head to our official store at to see the wide range of Liqui Moly Product that is available or simply just drop us a message and our team can assist you accordingly.

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