No more loss of performance and increased consumption!

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Ever felt your diesel engine feels flat and not really responsive? Well those days will be long gone with Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additive!

What is Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additive?

This Additive is a mixture of powerful agents that promotes cleaning, dispersing, material-protection and increasing cetan-number properties which has been formulated for today's engines, diesel and running conditions.

Injector - clogged and unclogged

Which compartment does this product help for my diesel engine vehicle?

This product assist to remove deposits in the diesel injection system and in the combustion chamber, which prevents them from any renewed formation. It also helps to maintain all components in the diesel injection system and prevents jet needles from fusing and gumming. Using this product will also increase the cetane number in fuel quality and improves the ignition performance of diesel fuel.

One of the most noticeable outcome from using this product is that it ensures quiet engine running. Other than that, it protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and wear, while still optimizes the emission test values and performance of the engine. As a result, a clean engines will consume less fuel and reduced emissions. 

Why is it recommended to use this product?

Regular use of Super Diesel Additive offers the best cleaning performance to your diesel fuel system and injectors. This allows the engine to regain its original values – both in engine performance and consumption, and expensive repairs are avoided!

Combustion deposits clogging on the diesel fuel injectors

What will happen if we do not use this product?

The injectors are high-precision, sensitive components that have to endure pressures of several thousand bars and carry out hundreds of precisely dosed individual injections per second. With the injectors, the diesel fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber as a fine mist.

Combustion deposits will clog it up over time and will make it fail to deliver when hard coating residue are form on the tiny openings of the injectors, which will lead to the fuel to no longer be finely atomized. Therefore, the diesel fuel will not combust thoroughly. Resulting, the engine performance level drops, fuel consumption rises and the exhaust gas values become damaged. Awaiting a very expensive replacement of the completely clogged injector.

How to use this product?

Just pour the additive into the diesel fuel tank! its just that easy!

This additive is suited for all diesel engines, particularly in modern high pressure engines in passenger and commercial motor vehicles, tractors, construction machinery and stationary engines. Ideally suitable for preserving engines when decommissioned for long periods under extreme conditions.

Super Diesel additive can be used for all diesel engines both with and without diesel particulate filters – as a preventative measure or to deal with problems. It is also tested for turbochargers. Perfectly compatible with all conventional diesel and bio-diesel fuels and one 250 ml can is sufficient for up to 75 l fuel (dosage 1: 300). The effect of this products lasts up to 2,000 km.

Where can I get this product? 

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