Remedy For Your Diesel Fuel System

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Does your diesel car feel heavy when accelerating? Excess smoke is coming out from the exhaust? Annoying knocking noise is coming from your diesel engine which could lead to more serious problems?

LIQUI MOLY has the remedy just for your diesel car - LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge!

What is LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge?

Liqui Moly Diesel Purge is a highly efficient fuel system cleaner for diesel engines that eliminates most fuel related engine-running problems. It removes deposits from injectors, piston rings and combustion chamber which restores power, improves fuel economy, provides smoother running engine while also reducing smoke and soot emissions!

How to use LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge to clean your Diesel Fuel System?

LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge can be used by simply adding to the diesel tank but the result will be greater when used properly. It is far more effective than simply adding it to the fuel tank!
Let us show you how to do it yourself (DIY) in this blog. 

How to do it yourself (DIY):

Remove the fuel feed & fuel return hoses and insert them into the can of Diesel Purge. Make sure the hoses are submerged fully in the Diesel Purge. After that, start the car and run the engine until the can is almost empty. Then, pour the remaining of the diesel purge into your diesel tank. The entire process should take approximately 30 minutes (including run time), so it’s a simple and easy job you could do yourself at home.

Insert fuel feed & fuel return hose into Diesel Purge canister

Why should we use Diesel Purge?

In the course of time deposits form on the injection nozzles in diesel engines, reducing power and increasing fuel consumption and emissions. In the long run, severe engine damage can become a threat. LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge helps to restore the engine’s original power and efficiency. 

LIQUI MOLY technical experts have documented cases where encrusted injection nozzles no longer atomises the fuel sufficiently, and instead sprays out a thin jet which is then ignited by the spark plug. The burning jet of fuel hits the same spot on the piston crown every time which  eventually melting a hole through it.

Compared with replacing the injection nozzles or other parts in the engine, this is a very cost-efficient method.

Where can I get this product? 

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