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Driving everyday in heavy traffic becomes a common event in our daily lives, the stresses it puts on the car’s engine will start to deteriorate. Residue formation is mostly due to low fuel grade and quality. As an example, euro 3 Diesel has more surphel content than euro 5 Diesel; with Malaysia’s humid weather doesn’t make it better as our fuel has a higher level water content leading to bacterial growth in the Diesel engine while causing misfire in petrol engine.  

Picking and sending children to tuition centers in short distance or leaving the office in heavy traffic are considered as the main cause of damage in the injection, fuel system and pump system! Carbon deposits need to be cleaned out to ensure that the engine runs optimally and without problems. So, how do we do that? With Liqui Jetclean Tronic.

  Worn out Injector (Diesel)

 Worn out Injector (Petrol)

What is Jetclean Tronic?

Jetclean Tronic, is a fully automatic cleaning unit which enables to clean all mixture formation and injection systems. All forms of deposits on the higher pressured distributor pumps, pipe and rail system as well the valves and combustion chambers will be removed gently but effectively too.

Jetclean Tronic also releases the intake systems (throttle valves, EGR valves) from any type of deposit forming on it. Even the tank can be emptied to enable dirt or water in the fuel to be flushed out.

Worn out Common Rail High Pressure Pump (Diesel) 

Worn out Fuel Regulator (Petrol)

How does the Jetclean Tronic work ?

All it is needed is to do is establish a connection with the engine’s fuel circuit and select the respected cleaning program. The computer controlled unit will  execute a preselected cleaning cycle automatically. Together with Liqui Moly additive it will enhance the cleaning and engine performance too.

Clogged EGR (Diesel)

Dirty piston (Petrol)

When is it needed to use Jetclean Tronic service?

Notice that fuel consumption has been high with misfire happening often. Engine isn’t performing as before and an unusual vibration when the engine is idling together with poor emission values. These are clear signs of needing a Jetclean Tronic service!


 Worn out spark plugs (Petrol)

Why does doing Jetclean Tronic service help you ?

Without disassembly the engine parts, unlike the traditional cardon cleaning job which may possibly damage the engine part. With Jetclean Tronic, it will cleans out carbon deposits from the injector, inlet valves, piston crown and combustion chamber. Cleaning the parts will result in restoring engine performance and response. Also a lower fuel consumption! 

Who provides these services? 

Simply contact us so that we can share with you Liqui Moly East Malaysia Official Authorized Dealer.

Head to our official store: LMEM to see the wide range of Liqui Moly Product that is available or simply just drop us a message and our team can assist you accordingly. 

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