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Noticing your diesel vehicle isn’t performing well and idling seems to be rough? It is a clear sign that something is wrong and needs to be taken care of quickly; or unless you have spare cash laying around you don’t mind spending.  

But if you don’t, there is a very cost effective way to fix it. Normally signs such as isn’t running as powerful, knocking noise from the engine or really rough idling means that somewhere the fuel system is clogged, or filled up with deposits till the point that fuel isn’t able to run smoothly. A simple solution is to clean it and Liqui Moly Diesel Purge is here to help. 

What is Diesel Purge?

Well, as the name suggests. It thoroughly cleans the diesel engine. It was developed to dissolve all types of deposits from the injectors and in the fuel system while improving the engine performance. 

Why use Diesel Purge?

When an engine runs, it is required to burn fuels and leave ash/carbon waste. When these waste accumulate for a certain amount of time, together with foreign dirts like dust or oils, it will clog up the injectors or any part of the fuel systems which leads to poor fuel flow. Resulting in poor engine performances, rough idling and so on. When these issues aren't addressed quickly, it will lead to very expensive repairs. To avoid such expenses, simply use Diesel Purge and it cleans out all the waste and deposit from the injectors and the fuel system. It doesn’t only clean but it will increase the fuel cetane rating while protecting the entire fuel system from corrosion. 

Dirty & Clogged Fuel Injector

How to use Diesel Purge? 

There are 2 ways to use Diesel Purge depending on how severe the deposits. 

For severe cases, disconnect the fuel line, put the end line into the can of Diesel Purge and run the engine until the Diesel Purge additive is empty. It will take approximately 30minutes for the whole process, it can even be done at home or you can always bring it to Liqui Moly authorize workshop to have it done.  

Fuel line in a can of Diesel Purge

As for mild cases or prevention, simply pour the Diesel Purge into the fuel tank to prevent the formation of deposits right from the start. 

Pour Diesel Purge in Fuel Tank

Where to get Diesel Purge? 

You can head to our official online store to purchase (Click here)or just simply head to the closest Liqui Moly authorize workshop to get it. 

Head to our official store: Lmem.my to see the wide range of Liqui Moly Product that is available or simply just drop us a message and our team can assist you accordingly. 

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