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When it comes to your safety and loves one, the vehicle’s braking system plays a very important part as it is the major function of the safety features in the vehicle. A well-maintained brake can be the difference between avoiding an accident and a potential tragedy. Because of the importance of maintaining the brakes, the last thing you should do is skip over repairs or let it deteriorate.

Why is Brake Services needed?

There are 2 things to take note of are the braking system is to check the brake fluid regularly and have the brake pads and brake discs inspected when necessary. 

Brake fluid operates under high pressure and temperature to assist the various components in the brake system to run smoothly. Ensuring the vehicle’s brake fluid is in good condition to work its primary function. However, over time the brake fluid will begin to degrade and will not work properly. Leaving old brake fluid in the system will slowly damage the brakes. Having the brake fluid periodically drained and replaced can help to ensure that the system continues working properly.

Pouring Brake Fluid

Generally brake pads are designed to wear gradually, but if you decide to have it checked after a long period, it may cost you a sum of money to repair or replace it. As the pads wear out, it will put stress on the other parts of the brake system, including rotors, drums, and calipers. Should any of these parts become damaged, the pain in the wallet would be quite damaging as well. 

New brake pad on the top/ worn out brake pad on the bottom

To avoid such expensive repair, maintenance and regular checks up are the key. Ensure the brake system is clean and has sufficient lubrication to support it. 

Products that are needed to maintain it? 

At Liqui Moly East Malaysia, we have a package called “Brake System Service Kit”. Where it is included 3 products to maintain the brake system. 

Liqui Moly Brake Pin

1. Brake Pin #21119

Specially developed to lubricate brake pins in floating caliper brake systems and keep it from seizing up.

Liqui Moly Brake Anti Squeal Paste

2. Brake Anti-Squeal Paste #3078

Made for the entire brake system, disk brake pads, studs, pins as well as contact points for drum brakes. Separating paste for centering rings on aluminum rims, connection points between rims, wheel hubs, other plugged and screwed connections.

Liqui Moly rapid Cleaner

3. Rapid Cleaner #3318

It eliminates oil, grease and dirt thoroughly and quickly. The treated parts will be deposit free and completely degreased. Saves time, money and secures flawless repairs. 

Where can I get these products? 

You can head to our official online store to purchase (Click here)or just simply head to the closest Liqui Moly authorized workshop to get it. 

Head to our official store: to see the wide range of Liqui Moly Product that is available or simply just drop us a message and our team can assist you accordingly. 

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