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Marten, Rodents, Rats like to set scent brands to mark their territory, they like places that are warm and not visible, so the best place for them during a raining day would be the engine compartment. Due to these pests preferred to be alone, they can get quite aggressive when another rodent appears. A fight might accrue and the rodents might bite in blind anger over his competitors in hoses and lines. Which results in expensive damage and it can be especially dangerous if the attack goes undetected first, and the engine may no longer have cooling water and the head gasket boils before the warning light comes on.

Plastic Damage By Rodent

Wiring Damage By Rodent

So, any ways to avoid this from happening?

1. Keep the Area Clear

One of the first steps to avoid it is to ensure there isn’t any comfortable environment for the little pest to make it it’s home. Both the car and its surrounding environment should be kept clean and free of clutter. Rodents like to nest in areas with lots of hiding places, so trash, clusters of boxes, and thick foliage should be removed.

2. Eliminate Food Sources

These rodents can be attracted to bags of pet’s dry food, livestock feed, garden seeds, or even stored emergency meal supplies that are kept in the car for that little snake during the traffic jam. As long as there is food supply nearby, rodents may take up residence in a conveniently parked vehicle.

Ensure that all of these types of edible options are stored in sturdy, sealed, rodent-proof containers. Cardboard cartons and paper, plastic, or cloth bags will not prevent them from getting inside. If you have children who eat snacks in the car and drop crumbs between the seats, you will make them very happy. 

3. Use Repellent Fragrances 

All these rodents have a well-developed sense of smell. With Liqui Moly Marten Spray, it can repel rodents making your car free from these little pests. Simply spray on all plastic and rubber components in the engine compartment, it is environment friendly and can even be used in the household! Best result is to use it once every 14 days to keep rodents from your property. 

Marten Spray
Marten Spray

Where can I get this product?

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