1. Collected Information
We collect the contact and demographic information that are needed for the account registration procedure at our website or when filling up the registration form during sign-up. The information that we gathered are voluntarily submitted by the customers to us.

2. Personal Identification Details
Your personal identification details are used to process your order of the products, customize your profile information, internal usage with legal requirements, update your status of online shopping at our site, and also to keep you informed with our latest news of update(s)/change(s), promotion(s) and event(s).

3. Confidentiality
Your personal information such as credit cards details, bank account number(s) are well-kept and remained confidential with us. We will never share any of your personal details to any third party. Our site does have appropriate security implementation in order to keep all the customers' information safe at all time.

4. Security
LMEM website does have appropriate security application in order to prevent the leak of customers' personal identification details from intentional and illegal disclosure, and cyberattacks. However, bear in mind that any information transmitted through Internet is NOT guaranteed absolutely safe and secure.

5. Changes to our Privacy Policy
Liqui Moly East Malaysia (LMEM) has the right to do any change(s)/update(s) to privacy policy contents without giving prior notice to the customers. If you wish to keep yourself updated with our privacy policy, you can keep track on the Privacy Policy page on our website.