Clean up your car with Liqui Moly!!! (Part 2)

We have shared on how we wash our car body and the rims with Liqui Moly products. And now, you may polish your car with Liqui Moly Car Polish & Wax!!!

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Liqui Moly Car Polish & Wax is a mixture of waxes, silicones and polishing pigments. It is able to freshen up and preserve the paint surface easily. This user-friendly product also has excellent cleaning and protection properties for cleaning colored and metallic paintwork. The effect also lasts long.

First, make sure your car surface is dry and clean before using this product. Then, shake it well before use and pour onto a soft rag, polishing cloth or sponge. Just apply it thinly and evenly with slight pressure on the car surface by using circular movement. Wait for it  to dry until it forms a matte coating and remove it from the surface with a clean, dry cloth.

Much recommended to use it once every 3 months for the optimum fresh look effect for your car. Please be noted that do not use it under heat or warm paint surfaces and also do not use it on matte paint.

Regular polish can help to maintain your car paintwork.
Liqui Moly Quick Detailer (500ml)
Liqui Moly Quick Detailer

For a quick detailing, you may apply with Liqui Moly Quick Detailer for a glossy car body too!!!

It’s your best buddy when it comes to protecting your car body paint and giving it a glamorous shine. It is able to remove light soiling such as dust or water spots. After using it, it will give a water repellent effect and with a long lasting protection against aggressive environmental influences. Plus, for mango lovers, it smells sweet,  just like a mango.

Just shake it well before use and spray evenly on the surface then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Best not spray it onto a hot surface or use it in a direct exposure under sunlight.

Before Vs After

Liqui Moly Quick Detailer Application Video:

After cleaning your car body, don’t forget about the car windows too. You may use our Liqui Moly Fix-Clear Rain Repellent to clean them!!!

This product is able to provide a better visibility on your windshield by removing the watermark and removing the insects’ mark too. It assures a clearer view and safer driving experiences.

Before applying this product, please clean and dry your car window first. Then pour it on a clean cloth and wipe it in a circular motion and wait for 10 minutes. Lastly, polish the product off with a new clean cloth until the windows are clear. If you're a biker too, this is perfect for your helmet visor too.

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Well done my friend!! Your car will love you just like the way you loved her!!!