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The main culprit behind high fuel consumption and loss of car performance!

When we just got our new car from a car dealership, we were normally told to follow the service schedule that they have come up with for the next 3 or 5 years. The scheduled services would include changing new engine oil at specific intervals, the oil filter and the oil drain nut gasket, or at some intervals changing the transmission fluid, air filter and so on. 


Most of us have followed the given service schedule and we thought that it is the best way to maintain our car but after several years, our car felt less responsive in acceleration and we would also notice the fuel consumption has increased.

Image 1: Clogged fuel injectors and carbon deposit infested valves

So, what caused your car’s performance to drop and fuel consumption to increase?

Well, even if you have been following the service schedule and replaced everything the schedule told you to, it did not stop the actual culprit that caused the performance drop and increased fuel consumption in your car – carbon deposits


The carbon deposits that are a byproduct from the combustion happening inside your car’s engine are forming up overtime and clogging important parts in the fuel rail system of your car.


Yes, it is the same thick, black and hard substance that could also be found underneath your mom’s wok! 

Image 2: Look familiar? Check underneath your mom’s wok!

Image 3: Spray pattern of a clogged vs. a clean injector

Image 4: How compression loss in the engine happen

How are these black carbon deposits affecting your car?

Our car’s fuel rail system is made up of several components to deliver the fuel we pump into the fuel tank to the combustion chamber, some which you may have heard of – injectors and valves. Both of these are situated right above the combustion chamber and exposed to high temperatures during combustion of the engine, causing carbon deposits to form on them. 


Injectors – The carbon deposits formed overtime slowly covers the nozzle holes of the injectors, affecting the spray pattern of fuel into the combustion chamber and thus, reducing combustion efficiency where the injected fuel is not fully burned.

Valves – When carbon deposits form on the back of the valves, it causes the valves to be unable to close tightly and thus, causing engine compression loss. This will also make us step harder on the pedal to get our car going, increasing the fuel consumption.

Can’t we just ignore the little power loss and increased fuel consumption?

Well, as grown ups we take responsibility for every decision we make. 


Ignoring the problem would lead to further worsening of the clogging or compression loss, and eventually resulting in an engine failure. You will end up sending your car for a repair in the workshop and handed a shocking repair bill amounting to a few thousand ringgit, and in some cases, tens of thousand! 

Image 5: This could be you if your car fuel rail system is not properly maintained

So, what do we need to do to prevent this?

You may have heard of some myths or ways that were not scientifically proven to work in the past but here at LMEM, we offer the best solutions developed with German technology for you on your automotive problems. All you need to do are just to add these two cans of “vitamins” into your car’s fuel tank and it will work its magic to clean, maintain as well as prevent formation of carbon deposits:


To clean your car’s injectors: Injection Cleaner (click to redirect to the product)

To clean your engine valves: Valve Clean (click to redirect to the product)

Image 6: Adding Injection Cleaner to your fuel tank

Image 7: Adding Valve Clean to your fuel tank

Just sharing: Author of this blog used to own a local brand car. Drove it for many years and followed every scheduled service. One day, it broke down and turned out the injectors were clogged up too badly and needed to be replaced. So, he was handed a whopping RM4,000.00+ bill. Author makan rumput for the entire month, no joke!

Image 8: The author of this blog ‘makan rumput’ for an entire month,

please don’t be like him.. Properly maintain your car now!

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