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High-grade synthetic, heat-resistant lubricant compound that is extremely adherent and resistant to acceleration forces. The solvent evaporates to leave behind an extremely adherent lubricating film. Uses its special formulation to ensure optimum corrosion protection and outstanding sealing properties. Offers the best possible protection for all components even under extreme conditions thanks to the high pressure absorption capacity and long-term effect.



  • highest load-carrying capacity
  • very good resistance to cold and hot water
  • outstanding corrosion protection
  • outstanding bond strength
  • outstanding thermal stability
  • optimum effectiveness when the product is used¬†unmixed
  • excellent creep properties
  • also suitable for overhead work
  • has a lasting effect
  • clean application

Areas of application

Automotive area: For preventive periodic lubrication of components in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sector, such as hinges, joints, linkages, relay levers, guides, slide rails, door bolts, bearings and spring balancers.

Industrial area: Spraying over large areas allows a highly adherent corrosion protection to be produced on stationary steel surfaces. For new and periodic lubrication of components in the industrial sector, such as slide rails, hinges, joints, linkages, relay levers, spindles, guides and bearings.


Surfaces to be treated must be clean and free from dirt and moisture. Shake well before use. Depending on application, spray on a coating of the desired thickness. The fold-out capillary tube ensures precision spraying. With the capillary tube folded in, large areas are sprayed. Spray large areas without the capillary tube from about 20-25 cm. Also sprays when inverted.

Liqui Moly

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