Do your car really need underbody protection?

People have paid a lot of effort to maintain the car’s surface, such as detailing, waxing, but all car's underbody needs protection too. But some of us may question, is it necessary to coat an unseen part? Here’s a 3 minutes read for you to learn the importance of car underbody protection!

First of all, we have to understand why we should do car underbody protection. Although it is an unseen part of your car, please keep in mind that it is actually also exposed to the outside.

Figure: Rusted car's underbody

Given Malaysia's moist and rough road condition, rust, wear and tear on your car chassis, transmission and other exposed parts are unavoidable. If you have done underbody protection, you can drive your car with peace of mind.

Of course there are several benefits for doing underbody coating, such as preventing rust and corrosion, especially if you are living in a nearby coastal area because salt and humidity will speed up the rust of your car underbody.

Other than that, having underbody protection will surely reduce the noises and damages caused by driving on both the smooth and rough roads . Stones chipping, muds and sand will slowly eat aways your car's underbody. But with the help of underbody protection you can enjoy your off-roading journey till your heart’s content with a better peace of mind.

For underbody protection, you can always trust the Liqui Moly Underbody Care Package. It is made of a mixture of bitumens, synthetic resins, solvents and special inhibitors. After the evaporation process, it will form a layer of tough elastic film which provides good underbody protection that is made to suit any harsh environment.

It has excellent corrosion protection properties as well as great sound-absorbing properties. It can be painted on in thick layers within a single application. If you are interested to know the whole application process, let’s watch the video below.

Compare before and after car underbody care service. Protection is back!

For those all love to go off-road or city drivers, underbody protection is the best continuous practice  to prolong your car lifespan. Best have your car often checked-out and serviced with underbody protection to keep your car ever-ready for your adventurous journey!