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Keep clean that which should be kept clean: The desire of almost every vehicle owner. Particularly when it comes to parts that are decisive for performance, consumption, emission values, and the durability of your car.

At LMEM.MY we offer a wide range of Liqui Moly Additives for you ! Our Liqui Moly engine oil additives will help you reduce friction and wear in your vehicle engine keeping it running smoothly and quietly, while our wide range Liqui Moly fuel additives for both Diesel and Petrol will keep your fuel system clean for better engine combustion and compression !

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Liqui Moly East Malaysia Sdn Bhd (LMEM) is the Sole Distributor of Liqui Moly in East Malaysia. We have two main stores in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Check them out below!

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