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Diesel Cars or Pick-up Remedy to regain the power

Watch our professional demonstrates on how to solve diesel power loss issue with our Liqui Moly products. Keep in mind that all steps were done by experienced technician and professional tools, and this video is intended as informational, not a detailed tutorial. Contact us for more info or comment down

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LIQUI MOLY Cabin Cleaning Package

LIQUI MOLY Cabin Cleaning Package by Lmem.my

Want to ajak your friends to makan-makan but they start to keep sneezing or complain about the bad smell once they enter your car? Clean your car air cond and cabin NOW with LIQUI MOLY A/C System Cleaner Spray and LIQUI MOLY Klima Refresh! Watch the video to find out

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Minyak kelabu LIQUI MOLY dengan MoS2

Minyak kelabu LIQUI MOLY dengan MoS2!

Introducing the No.1 hot selling engine oil in Malaysia from LIQUI MOLY, the MoS2 Leichtlauf Series engine oils! The color of this series of engine oils is grey in color due to its mixture with MoS2, a solid lubricant that provides better heat endurance up to 600 Celsius and better

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LIQUI MOLY Petrol Solution Additives

LIQUI MOLY Petrol Solution Additives!

Is your car experiencing increased fuel consumption, reduced engine performance and louder engine noise? This could be due to your fuel rail system is getting clogged or affected by carbon deposits and other contamination in the system. Find out how our LIQUI MOLY Petrol Solution Additives which consists of LIQUI

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