Motorbike Common Problems

  1. Poor performance
  2. Feeling a little bit heavy on the throttle
  3. High fuel consumption


Those above might be a sign telling you your motorbike is dirty internally. Dirty as in the deposits formed in the fuel or injection system, as well as the oil circuit.

First of all, a clean oil circuit is key to top performance. If you use oil that is too old or the wrong oil, you might face reduced performance and also bear the risk of serious damage to the engine and other parts. Just don't forget regular engine oil change. But still, even with regular oil changes, oil sludge and other deposits form in the oil circuit over time.

Deposits also form in the fuel or injection system. The soot produced during combustion is often deposited on the injection nozzles, piston rings and valves, which means that the engine no longer operates efficiently and can lose power.


  1. Clean oil circuit
  2. Clean fuel system
  3. Use right oil and change it regularly

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Clean Oil Circuit

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Bottom Line

✅ Better acceleration
✅ Better riding experience
✅ Lower fuel consumption
✅ Prevent high repair cost

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