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Paint Care

Painted vehicle parts require special care to protect them from the effects of the weather.


The hybrid additive removes deposits on valves and nozzles caused by short due to the short distance and cold operation and cold operation of combustion engines in hybrid vehicles, and reduces the formation of new deposits. It also counteracts the aging of the petrol.

Engine Oils

Modern engines require specially engine oils with precisely defined approvals and specifications. This is of course no different for range extender and hybrid engines is no different.

A/C Cleaning

Cleaners and professional applicators from LIQUI MOLY help to combat unpleasant odors in the vehicle interior.

Gear Oils

Electric vehicles also have a transmission, but it is not usually shifted. EV 510 was developed especially for Tesla vehicles This range is constantly being expanded.


LIQUI MOLY offers coolants for all common internal combustion engines. New is FCF 20, a coolant specifically for vehicles with fuel cells. This range is also being constantly being expanded.

Adhesives & Sealants

Bonded automotive glass is a load-bearing element in car body construction. At replacement, but also in repair where LIQUI MOLY has been active in these fields for a long time.

Interior Care

Inside, almost all vehicles are similarly constructed. For the care and cleaning of surfaces, LIQUI MOLY offers an extensive product range.

Brake Fluids

Battery-powered vehicles have a higher weight on the scales and the load on the on the brakes and the brake fluid increases significantly as a result.

Corrosion Protection

Battery bodies usually form the unprotected underbody. Stone chips and moisture damage the metal surface and can lead to expensive damage. Corrosion protection is particularly important here.

Service Products

Facilitate and improve the work on all vehicles. Here too LIQUI MOLY is a full-range supplier.


Moving parts must be lubricated. And there are also plenty of moving parts in electric vehicles, too.

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Established in 2011, Liqui Moly East Malaysia - LMEM is a group of young and passionate entrepreneurs who strongly believe in solving problems with quality and efficiency. We are great fans of quality in long run to save more rather than buying cheap. You may read more about us. We are the sole distributor of LIQUI MOLY in East Malaysia too!

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We stock a wide range of automotive products - including engine oils, oil filter, additives, vehicle care, batteries, wipers, cabin filters, lighting, horn, and so on with coverage for 3 main categories of vehicle - including motorcar, motorbike, and marine.

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We have an extensive dealer locations in East Malaysia for you to pick up the order items. Just make sure you select their name during checkout if that option is available. Afterwards, we will make an arrangement with dealer then contact you.

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In case of some products are not available for pick up in your area, as a fallback measure we will attempt to deliver the items to you by courier. Either way, rest assured that we will assist you in order to make sure you get the product and service purchased with us.

Brands We Carry

We are carrying other quality brands as well to cater your needs.

Liqui Moly Brand
Engine Oils, Additives & Car Care
Meguin Brand
Engine Oils & Additives
Wipers, Lighting Systems & Horn
Oil Filters & Cabin Filters
Rewashable Car Intake Air Filters
Amaron Brand
Maintenance-free Car Batteries
Maintenance-free Automotive Batteries
Smart Battery Chargers & Analyzers
Denso Logo
Spark Plugs, Oil Filters, Air Filters, Wipers

I love Car Detailing

Shining. Glossy. Like new one.

Liqui Moly Car Care and Detailing

Two-wheel Series

Perfect fountain of youth for motorbike.

Liqui Moly Motorbike Series

Harbour for Boat

Extraordinary protection against harsh condition on sea.

Liqui Moly Marine Products

Long Life Battery

Unfold a long chapter of journey.

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We are serious about sourcing of the products. We are also the sole distributor of LIQUI MOLY in East Malaysia.

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