Liqui Moly East Malaysia (LMEM)

Established in 2011, with a group of young entrepreneurs who strongly believe in solving problems with quality and efficiency. “What are the simple steps, that are low costs and solve daily Mobility problems?” A primary question, we frequently asked ourselves.

And Yes, Liqui Moly and Meguin Made in Germany have most of the answers for our primary question. In 2018, we extended our concern into Battery Start Power, Visual safety issues that lead us to Amaron, Intact Battery, and PIAA respectively big brands that originate from countries like India, Germany, Japan and Indonesia.

Since we are great fans of quality in the long run to Save more than buying Cheap. Let's check out our House brand to see if any solutions that might be able to help you.


Make a Difference to your engine

Engine Oil serves five main purposes to your car, which are lubricating, cooling, sealing, cleaning, and protecting. What would happen if wrong engine oil is being used? Click below to find out more!

Let's fight Covid-19 together

Business owners can equip yourself and your employees with face mask and contactless infrared thermometer to minimize the chance of getting infected and keep the workplace safe.