How do we take care of our Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) car in the easiest way?

How do we take care of our Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) car in the easiest way?

Are you using a car powered with a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine? The GDI engine injects the fuel directly into the combustion chamber by higher pressure and produces a better and more complete combustion. Hence, it promotes fuel economy. Yeah, it all sounds good but there is no perfect engine in the world without proper maintenance.

Smooth driving experiences with GDI-powered car

Based on research, GDI-powered cars also experienced a higher rate of clogged fuel system and carbon build up in the engine. You may wonder why?

Why ah?

Its advantage would be its drawback as well. According to its design, with every combustion process, the sensitive nozzle heads will get clogged easily due to its always staying under high temperature, pressures, and exhaust gases. Then, the deposits would form up on the nozzle heads sooner or later and result in a bad fuel spray pattern. (The time may vary depending on your driving conditions and the quality of gasoline that you used)

Injector Nozzle
Bad spray pattern will affect the combustion process

So without proper maintenance over time, your car’s fuel system is clogged and carbon builds up in the engine. Then you will start to notice that your car has a higher fuel consumption rate compared to before.

Not only that, your car engine’s performance started to drop down too and the engine also ran roughly. Believe me, your driving enjoyment would be hugely affected.

Walao!!! I can't tahan anymore!!!

You want to take care of your car but are lazy enough to send it to the car service centre for regular maintenance? Then you should try Liqui Moly Gasoline Engine System Cleaner.

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It is one of the most suitable petrol additives for cars that are powered by a GDI engine!!! This petrol additive comes with the latest additive technology which includes a high percentage of cleaning and corrosion protection additives. It can help to prevent engine damage by those stubborn deposits on the intake valves and protects the entire fuel system against rust. Not only that, it may also help your engine restore its original performance and at the same time lower fuel consumption.

You may add this additive into your petrol fuel tank at any time you want. The effect will take place automatically. We also recommend adding this additive into your petrol fuel tank during inspection or other maintenance work on the fuel system.

Just pour into your fuel tank

Check out this video to find out more product details:

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