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Warming up your car used to be necessary

Decades ago, when engine and lubricant technologies weren’t as advanced, warming up your car or engine was a good idea. This is because when your engine is at rest, all the engine oil goes back into the oil sump and not much lubrication is left on the moving parts that experience a lot of wear and tear.

Therefore, warming up your car was needed to get the oil circulating and lubricating again. This warm-up period also helped the engine oil reach its optimal temperature range, where it could offer the best protection.

Internal parts of a car engine

In modern days, cars are manufactured with newer technology and car warming up seems to be an obsolete thing where car owners just start the engine and start driving. Even so, the modern engines will still experience heavier wear and tear during the time taken for the engine oil to reach all the moving parts that are rubbing against each other in the engine.

Did you know there’s a solution that can help increase the engine performance and extend its life span by providing protection and lubrication during start up or while you are driving?

What is Liqui Moly Motor Protect?

It’s a chemical wear protection additive that does not contain solid lubricant.

What can this product do?

High pressure wear protection additives in Motor Protect creates a very thin film in the engine’s sliding points that offers deformation and sliding capacity under wearing conditions.

How long can Motor Protect last when added into the engine?

It is effective in providing protection and lubrication for up to 50,000 km and can even last through engine oil change.

What are the benefits of Motor Protect?

LIQUI MOLY Motor Protect (#1018)
Engine in operation

What will happen if we don’t use this product?

Well, we are responsible for many things in life and we bear the consequences of our mistakes. The picture below shows what will happen to the internal parts of the engine without using protection additives, which will lead to expensive repairs or replacement.

Worn out Conrod bearings and crankshaft bearings without the use of proper protection additive

Can we mix LIQUI MOLY Motor Protect to any engine oil?

Yes! It can be mixed with any commercially available engine oils! However, we need to mix it with new fresh engine oil for a better result! We strongly recommend to use Motor Protect with Liqui Moly engine oil to get even better results!

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