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An effective 45 minutes solution to restore your diesel car performance!

Diesel cars are much more powerful and produce more torque than petrol cars, but we often hear claims that diesel cars are much harder to maintain as compared to petrol cars. Some also say that diesel cars get dirty on the insides much faster than petrol cars.

While this might seem to be true, it is not necessarily the case. Reading this article could change your mind, and maintaining your diesel car is just so easy with the right product!

Frustrations faced by diesel car owners!

As a diesel car owner, you may have seen these changes in your car over time such as the engine feeling more sluggish or a drop in terms power, once very quiet or smooth engine is getting rougher and louder, fuel consumption is getting higher and higher, and your diesel car puffs out a lot more thick black colored smoke than before.

Image 1: Clogged injector spray pattern compared to a good one
Image 2: Revving your engine at high RPM burns more fuel

A drop in engine power could be caused by clogged diesel injectors that results in an uneven fuel spray pattern, which leads to the fuel not being fully combusted by the engine. This in turn also causes your diesel car to puff out the excessive unburned fuel in the form of thick black smoke. It is not only bad for your car where it creates a lot of deposits in the engine that will result in expensive repairs, but also burns a hole in your wallet as you step harder on the pedal to make your car go forward!

Image 3: This could become your wallet bro...
Did you know, you could get rid of and prevent these problems in your diesel car with an easy and effective yet very cost effective way?

An effective 45 minutes solution for your diesel car!

Yes, you heard it right! It only takes 45 minutes, just like a spa for your diesel car to restore its original performance with the use of LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge and a special cleaning tool!

Click the image for link to get your Diesel Purge Tool service package!

LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge additive is not only able to remove diesel knocking noise but also contains strong cleaning agents that are able to dissolve and remove stubborn carbon deposits found in the diesel fuel system, such as the injectors and also in the combustion chamber. With the use of a special tool specially designed to connect the Diesel Purge canister directly to the fuel feed and return hose of your diesel car engine, the cleaning process is made much more effective!

Try it NOW to believe it!

Proven effective by many who have tried the service with a smile on the car owner’s face and feedback such as their car engine becomes noticeably quieter, produces less black smoke, and the car feels more responsive and more powerful after the service! You should try it out now for your diesel car too!

Image 4: Happy customer from Sabah
Image 5: Happy customer from Sarawak

So where to get the Diesel Purge Tool service?

You can check out the Diesel Purge Tool service package on our official website Lmem.my at the link below:


You can place an order and choose your desired nearest LIQUI MOLY authorised dealer workshops available to redeem your Diesel Purge Tool service, and our team will contact you to arrange for a service appointment with the workshop of your choice.

Spend the best 45 minutes on your diesel car now and restore its performance!

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