Fueling Your Ride to Excellence: A Trio of Liqui Moly Superheroes

‘’Vroom! Vroom!’’

The sound of a roaring engine is music to any car lover’s ear. But what if we told you that your trusty steed could become a roaring, fuel-efficient beast with just a little help from these three superheroes?

Meet the Heroes:

Injection Cleaner – The Precision Ninja

Fuel injectors are like the ninjas of your car’s engine, delivering the perfect fuel-air mixture. But, they can get clogged too! Here comes Injection Cleaner – the ninja’s master:

  • Removes carbon deposits on injection valves

  • Improves the throttle response and compression

  • Reduces harmful emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly operation of your vehicle

Valve Clean – The Squeaky Clean Superhero

Now, this is our secret hero for smoother and balanced combustion. Of course as they named it Valve Clean, its job is to remove accumulated deposits on valve but also:

  • Cleans the combustion chamber

  • Improves compression that lead to more efficient combustion and improved engine power

  • Reduces emissions and better fuel economy

Fuel Protect – The Defender of Your Fuel System

Your car’s trusty sidekick that protects the whole fuel system. Not only that, Fuel Protect is also your friend for efficiency and better performance of your vehicle’s engine as well as:

  • Separate water trap in petrol system to prevent corrosion

  • Prevents operational malfunctions

  • Improves difficulties with starting and irregular idling


Here's the fun part....

Start assembling all three heroes’ superpowers for your optimum driving experience!



You can use them in a sequence for a comprehensive fuel system and engine maintenance routine.


Starts with Injection Cleaner:

Step 1: Ensure that your vehicle has a nearly empty fuel tank or at least half tank left (it’s best to use Injection Cleaner when you’re close to needing a refill). 

Step 2: Shake Injection Cleaner bottle to mix the contents thoroughly.

Step 3: Pour the entire contents into your vehicle’s fuel tank.

Step 4: Now, fill your fuel tank to full to ensure that the Injection Cleaner mixes with the fuel.


When you’ve used your fuel to half tank, fill your tank to full and follow up with Valve Clean:

Step 1: Start your engine and allow it to idle.

Step 2: While the engine is idling, pour Valve Clean contents with recommended dosage on the product label. 

Step 3: Allow the engine to continue idling for a few minutes to ensure Valve clean is drawn into the combustion chambers.

Step 4: Turn off engine and let it sit for a while, giving the product time to work on cleaning the intake valves.


And when you’ve used your fuel to half tank again, it’s time to add Fuel Protect for optimum performance:

Step 1: Pour the recommended amount of Fuel Protect directly into your vehicle’s fuel tank.

Step 2: Fill up your tank to full as you typically would. 

Step 3: Drive your vehicle to your heart’s content!

Reaping the benefits!

Now, get ready for a satisfactory ride after the heroes’ hard work. Your vehicle will perform better, last longer and surely will put a smile on your face as you save on fuel costs!

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