Electronic Spray (200ml)


  • cleans contaminated contacts
  • good water separation
  • good corrosion protection
  • penetrates layers of oxides and sulphides
  • drives out moisture
  • reduces contact resistance
  • silicone-free
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Electronic Spray (200ml) - Quick fix for electrical components that protects against moisture and corrosion + Neutral to paint, plastic or rubber


Fully synthetic contact spray which is compatible with plastics and formulated for use on vehicle electronic and electrical systems. Contains no silicones or mineral, animal or vegetable based oils. For lubricating precision-mechanics components such as door locks, levers, rails, Bowden cables. Makes the car electrical system reliable. Reduces wear. Suppresses moisture. Neutral to paints, plastics and rubber. Cleans and protects from corrosion. Good lubricating properties.

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Use this product to spray the contact points of the components before installing them. If the contacts are heavily corroded, we recommend to allow the product to act for longer after spraying and rub off the corrosion residues with a piece of cloth or a brush.
NOTE: After spraying this product, allow a flash-off period of 10 minutes before connecting the component to a power supply.

No. This product is a fully synthetic contact spray which is compatible with plastics or rubber parts.

Yes, this product is formulated for use on vehicle electronic and electrical systems and can also be used for household electronic and electrical systems.

This product can be used for care and maintenance, cleaning and protection of all electrical components on your vehicle or in your household at any time or when problems arise. Frequent care will reduce the chances of a faulty electrical circuit.

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