A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Your Motorbike with LIQUI MOLY

Your motorbike serves more than just transportation; it symbolises a significant part of your lifestyle and identity. And even if it primarily serves that purpose, it is your responsibility to maintain its cleanliness and ensure its comfort for usage. 

I understand that keeping up with your bike’s maintenance might not be the simplest task. So! In this blog, we’ll provide insights on how you can effortlessly maintain the cleanliness of your motorbike.

Elevate your cleaning routine with LIQUI MOLY‘s specialised motorbike care products that go beyond basic cleaning, ensuring your bike looks its best and performs at its peak. We’ll take you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your motorbike with LIQUI MOLY, making every ride an extraordinary experience.

1. LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Cleaner for a Fresh Start

  • Begin by giving your motorbike a gentle rinse to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Dilute the LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Cleaner as per the instructions and apply it to the bike’s body using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth (this specialised cleaner effectively removes dirt, insects, and grime, leaving surfaces looking pristine without compromising on your bike’s finish). 
  • Next, rinse thoroughly with water to remove the cleaner.

2. LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Gloss Spray Wax

Once your motorbike is clean and dry, apply the Gloss Spray Wax.

  • Make sure to shake the bottle well before use.
  • Spray a small amount onto a clean, soft cloth.
  • Apply the spray wax to the painted surfaces of your motorbike in a thin, even layer.
  • Buff the wax with a separate clean cloth to achieve a brilliant shine and protective finish.

3. LIQUI MOLY Chain Cleaner for Precision

  • Ensure your motorbike is on a centre stand or secure stand.
  • Apply LIQUI MOLY Chain Cleaner to your bike’s chain, sprockets, and other greasy areas (this powerful formula dissolves grease and grime, ensuring your chain is thoroughly cleaned for optimal performance).
  • Use a brush to agitate the chain and remove dirt and grime.
  • Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes to break down the grease.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe away the loosened dirt.

4. LIQUI MOLY Chain Spray for Smooth Operation

After cleaning, it’s time to ensure your chain’s longevity with LIQUI MOLY Chain Spray (this specialised spray lubricates and protects the chain, minimising friction and wear, and ensuring your rides are smooth and efficient). 

  • Make sure the chain is clean and dry.
  • Shake the Chain Spray Can before use.
  • Apply the spray to the chain, aiming for the inner sections where lubrication is needed.
  • Turn the rear wheel to help evenly distribute the spray along the chain.

With most things cleaned, it’s clear that your helmet also deserves attention!

5. LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Visor Cleaner for better vision

  • Apply a small amount of Visor Cleaner to a microfiber cloth.
  • Gently wipe the visor’s exterior and interior surfaces to remove dirt, bugs, and smudges.
  • Polish the visor with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for a clear finish.

6. LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Helmet Interior Cleaner

  • Spray a small amount of Helmet Interior Cleaner onto a cloth.
  • Wipe the interior of your helmet’s liner and padding to remove sweat and grime.
  • Allow the interior to air dry before wearing your helmet again.

Don’t overlook the visor and helmet interior. LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Visor Cleaner ensures clear vision, while the Helmet Interior Cleaner maintains comfort and cleanliness.

7. LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Foam Filter Oil

  • Ensure the foam air filter is clean and dry.
  • Apply the Foam Filter Oil evenly to the filter, ensuring full coverage.
  • Allow the filter to sit for a few minutes to absorb the oil.
  • Excess oil can be gently squeezed out before reinserting the filter into the airbox.

In the world of motorbike care, achieving that enviable gleam and impeccable finish is a true art. This is where LIQUI MOLY’s Motorbike Detailer comes in

8. Motorbike detailing as the final touch

Beyond just shine, the Detailer leaves a protective barrier on your motorbike’s surface, guarding it against harmful elements and environmental damage.

  • Ensure your motorbike’s surface is clean and dry before application. 
  • Shake the bottle
  • spray the Detailer evenly over the area you wish to treat.
  • Use a clean, soft microfiber cloth to gently buff the applied Detailer in circular motions (this helps spread the product evenly and enhance the shine).

Revel in the Results

As you step back to admire your motorbike, you’ll notice the difference that LIQUI MOLY motorbike care products bring to the table. Beyond a stunning appearance, your bike is now primed for superior performance.

Elevate your motorbike cleaning routine with LIQUI MOLY‘s advanced products, tailored to enhance aesthetics and mechanics. By following this comprehensive guide, you’re not only maintaining your bike’s beauty but also ensuring it remains a powerful companion on every adventure. Treat your motorbike to the care it deserves with LIQUI MOLY, and every ride will be a testament to your dedication to excellence.

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