The Diesel Drama: Why’s My Car Blowing Black Smoke?

Do you enjoy off-roading and tackling all those bumpy and rough terrains?

Then a beastly diesel cars must be your top pick! But it’s crucial to know that diesel cars are naturally dirtier than petrol cars. The fuel tank gets dirty quickly and if neglected, can lead to costly car problem such as overhaul! This is why it is so important to take care of your car.

Here's the scoop!

Diesel cars blow black smoke when the air-to-fuel ratio is out of whack, usually due to incomplete combustion. That might be your car sending a “I need help!” signal message. This flawed process also forms carbon residues, which then causes a black cloud of smoke from the exhaust when accelerating your car!


Diesel cars users also sometimes faced problems such as loud engine noise. We called this particular problem diesel knocking. One of the main factors for this problem is deposits build up at the tip of the fuel injectors.


All of this, including fuel contamination and lack of maintenance, can lead to an overhaul!

Overhauls can be as expensive as a trip to the moon! If you don’t maintain your car well, all of these problems will make your wallet burn! (surely you don’t want that)

Oh no...

Now, now.. Before we start.. 


What is common rail system?

Common rail is a pressure sensor to measure the fuel amount in a diesel car. It is found in a newer and modern diesel car edition. If it gets dirty, it will affect the system! Your vehicle engine becomes unstable and idling is not smooth.

Once a part of the system is broken, you’ll need to change the whole thing!

Common rail system.

Now don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution!

Meet the Trio: Diesel Purge, Common Rail Additive and Super Diesel Additive

What are the benefits?

Diesel Purge

This is your engine’s personal detox program. It cleans and revitalizes your engine, resulting in smoother running, improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

  • Flushing out gunk and deposits inside the fuel injector
  • Better combustion efficiency 
  • Eliminates engine knocking sound


Common Rail Additive

Formulated to enhance the performance of diesel engines with common rail fuel injection system. 

  • Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system
  • Reduces injector and pump wear
  • Improves fuel combustion and reduces emissions


Super Diesel Additive

This is like your engine’s daily vitamin. It not only cleans but also provides ongoing protection and lubrication for your engine.

  • Cleans the entire fuel system and combustion chamber
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Reduces carbon and prevents corrosion

So, how do I do this?

Step 1: Diesel Purge

  • Ensure that your vehicle has a nearly empty fuel tank or at least half tank left
  • Grab your Diesel Purge and shake the bottle well
  • Pour the entire contents into your fuel tank
  • Fill your fuel tank to full to ensure that the Diesel Purge mixes with the fuel


When you’ve used your fuel to almost empty, follow up with Common Rail Additive


Step 2: Common Rail Additive

  • Grab your Common Rail Additive and shake the bottle well
  • Pour the entire contents into your fuel tank
  • Fill your fuel tank to full to ensure that the additives mixes with the fuel


And when you’ve used your fuel to almost empty again, it’s time to add Super Diesel Additive for the optimum performance


Step 3: Super Diesel Additive

  • Shake well before use and pour the entire contents
  • Fill up your tank to full as you typically would (you can also fill up before you pour the additive)
  • Drive your car to your heart’s content!

The key is keeping your engine clean with regular use of our products. It will banish the black smoke and have your ride running smoother and cleaner. It will also save you a lot of cash in the long run! Saving money on fuel and maintenance is like killing two birds with one stone. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

Ready to save some money and transform your driving experience? Don’t wait no more! Grab your set here.

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